Individual Lunches


Our popular individual working lunches are attractively packaged in a carry away bag, disposable bowl or lidded octagon box and include a roll and butter plus a fresh baked jumbo gourmet cookie.  Minimum of 4 of each kind excluding vegetarian.

Grab ‘n Go Lunch  9.95/person

Choice of ham and cheddar, vegetarian or egg salad sandwich on a fresh baked Kaiser, with a banana, apple or orange, jumbo gourmet cookie and a bottle of water – made with love and served in a cool take out bag!

Bistro Bowl  14.50 each

1. Grilled Balsamic chicken over a bed of mixed seasonal greens with cucumber, tomatoes, matchstick carrots and basil goat cheese with white balsamic vinaigrette

2. Honey soy flank steak over a bed of mixed greens with cucumber, sprouts and matchstick and a sweet soy vinaigrette – add $1.50

3. Teriyaki salmon or shrimp over a bed of Lo Mein noodles with mixed vegetables in a honey and sweet chili vinaigrette – add $3.50

4. Chipotle shrimps over a bed of mixed greens and rice salad with a honey lime vinaigrette

5. Grilled Portobello and vegetables over mixed greens with tomato and white balsamic vinaigrette (vegetarian)

6. Chicken Caesar over chopped romaine, with shredded mozzarella and grated parmesan, lemon wedges, toasted herb croutons and grape tomatoes with creamy garlic dressing

Individual Box Lunch 14.95 each

Six assorted traditional sandwich triangles, raw vegetables and dip, fresh fruit and a pastry garnished and presented in an attractive octagon container
(also available with  signature sandwiches add 2.00)