Feast Your Eyes! Top 50 Awesome Resources Everyone Should Check Out

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Well here is a wonderful list we put together of some of the best resources you will find on the web. We found that there are tons of foodie lovers who need useful resources to either help or inspire them. We hope you enjoy the list and please list any we may have forgotten in the comments.





This website is all about sweet inspiration and fun baking ideas. Contains a variety of dessert recipes that are easy to follow and have beautiful high quality visual aids that will walk you through step by step.


Anita is an author of two books and has been a lifelong addict to all things sweet. She dedicates her time writing, baking and taking pictures of her creations. Her website is full of yummy pictures of awesome treats, definitely a must see.


This site was rated by the London Times as one of the best 50 food blogs in the world. This blog offers recipe resources for home bakers, food news, reviews, baking tips and more!


Davis has been a professional cook and baker for most of his life and has written 6 books. He has been featured on The New York Times, People, USA Today, Saveur and many more.  He has amazing recipes that you should not miss out on.


You will be looking at this website for hours on end because you won’t be able to take your eyes of these amazing cakes. Learn how to re-create these spectacular confections with her amazing tutorials and recipes.


If you are a chocolate freak and to get more recipes to support your sweet tooth look no further.


This cute baking blog has fun recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, fancy desserts and more.


Former elementary teacher left her job to work full time on her site. She has over 2,500 original and adapted recipes. She only chooses the very best recipes to be featured on her blog.


The number #1 blog dedicated to cupcakes.  You can find everything from yummy cupcake pictures to recipes and even cupcake meetups that are typically occur in New York City but often host events in various cities.


The owner and operator of Murphy’s Ice Cream located in Ireland, blogs about his ice cream confections and recipes he has created for his shops.






Ever wonder what kind of meals you can make for your family that doesn’t cost a fortune, but doesn’t taste awful? Look no further, 5 dollar dinners is here to help.


Kelly Hartman has created this blog to show that you be a foodie lover and be frugal all at the same time. Here she tells you how you can eat well and live well without over spending.


Susanne started her blog to help families cut their food budget by providing tips on how to plan and cook frugal meals.


Michelle a frugal mom of 4 dedicates her blog on helping families by providing free frugal cooking tips.


Family oriented blog where you can find practical cooking tips, learn how to eat well and spend less.


Cheap dinner recipes that you can trust.  The recipe ideas also come with cooking tips and review from members.


Dedicated to providing frugal and nutritious food for everyday life.  Has a variety of recipes from breads, soups, salads, entrées and even vegan food and more.


Provides recipes on cheap gourmet food from breakfast, lunch dinner and even desserts.


Tina and Mike are amateur chefs and mixologists that are dedicated in providing delicious international cuisine at affordable prices.


Focused on providing expert tips and recipes for drinking, eating out, cooking in spite of your budget.



Wine and Beer






Created to celebrate the best of American beer.  Learn about how beer is created, beer terminology, how to pair beer with food, find local breweries and more.


Has amazing content which has everything from beer resources, awesome beers you should drink and pairing beer with food.


Dan and Jon wanted out of the rat race and decided to take their love of beer on put it online. Here you can find all the craft brewers in the world, craft beers news, beer events and even beer reviews.


Discover all the pubs, breweries and beer events in Canada.


He teaches and writes about wine and has written two books on wine.  Learn about French wine, how to pair food and wine, eco wine and more.


Winner of the 2012 best food blog award in the best wine or beer blog category.  Learn how to make home brewed beer with his recipes.


Can’t seem to find a good wine on a budget? Tired of buying cheap wine that taste nasty? Look no further. Here you can find wine under twenty dollars that taste really good.


Jamie Goode is a wine journalist who has written a comprehensive wine magazine full of resources that is a must read.


Living on a wine estate, Jordan created an in-house videography department where you get to see behind the scenes the operations of winemaking, wine tasting, event planning, and even food and cooking recipes.


Winner of the Best Site International Wine Writes Awards of 2011. Tim writes on grape varieties, vintages, wine merchants and even tasting tips. He even shares wine food recipes.








Looking for more vegan meal recipes? This website has over 15,000 vegan meal recipes that are accompanied by beautiful food photography.


Winner of multiple awards and has been featured in various newspaper article around the world. Heidi writes about the recipes that reflects her life and her travels. You can find recipes according to seasons and even by ingredients.


Discover a lot of fat free recipe with no added oil or margarine that have been submitted by contributors of the blog.


Beverly Bennett is a vegan chef and provides readers with recipes from her vegan creations.   Many of her recipes are wheat free, gluten-free, low-fat and/or sugar free. She is also the author of 3 cookbooks.


Provides over a 100 vegan recipes, including international cuisine dishes.


Allyson Kramer creates an aesthetically pleasing website containing recipes for vegan eaters.  Here you can find gluten-free, baked goods, desserts, dinner, chocolate and many more.


Offers more than 600 tasty vegan and vegetarian recipes. They have recipes for holiday meals, cookies, dog food, and camping food.  There  are many choices to choose from.


Has more than 140 fat-free and low fat vegan recipes.  You won’t find any processed flour, refined sugars, oils, margarine or unprocessed food in the recipes.


Has an array of variety to choose from everything from frozen desserts, cakes, candy, and breakfast. You name it, it’s in here.


Everything from cookbook recipes, restaurants, vegan news and animal rights can be found on this blog.


YouTube Cooking Channels


Todd Wilburs Top Secret Recipes:

Learn how to clone famous food recipes such as Oreos, KFC Fried Chicken, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Todd has been feature on shows such as Oprah, Dr. Oz .

Betty’s Kitchen:

Retired Math Professor who shares with her Youtube viewers her favorite recipes. Most of Betty’s recipes are Southern Home style. She provides the recipe along with instructions which are posted at the bottom of each video’s. She has been feature on shows such as CNN and ABC.

Chef Tips:

Jason is very charismatic chef who teaches his viewers how to cook simple and easy meal like a pro.

Sorted Food:

Cooking for beginners with a side of humor. A new recipe video is uploaded every Tuesday and Friday.

Divas Can Cook:

This channel shows you how to do good old fashion cooking for the modern day superwoman. All her recipes can also be found on her blog so you can follow her along.

Joy of Baking:

Joy shows her viewers how to make the desserts that she has posted on her website: http://www.joyofbaking.com. Some of her desserts includes: French macaron, pies, cupcakes, cakes.

The Simple Cooking Channel:

The host of this show will show you have to cook and bake a variety of meals. This includes seafood, to smoothies, to even learning how to make chicklet gums.

BBQ Web:

#1 Barbecue and Grilling cooking recipes show. These two pit boys will teach you how to make a variety of meals using your family barbecue.

Chef John:

This former culinary teacher followed his dream of cooking for a large audience.  Improve your culinary skills by watching his videos. All of his recipes that he uses on his cooking show can be found on his websites: http://foodwishes.com or allrecipes.com

Rebecca Brand Recipes:

Self though, Rebecca shows you how to cook meals made from very basic ingredients found in your home.

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