Genetically Modified Foods: Good or Bad? (Infographic)

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Well here is another infographic we made on a subject that I find crucial to talk about openly. There has been a lot of controversy around the fact if genetically modifying our foods is good or bad for us. Now to give you a little insight read this:

For thousands of years farmers have used a process of selection and cross breeding to continually improve the quality of crops. Even in nature, plants and animals selectively breed, thus ensuring the optimum gene pool for future generations. Traditional breeding methods are slow, requiring intensive labor: while trying to get a desirable trait in a bred species, undesirable traits will appear and breeders must continue the process over and over again until all the undesirables are bred out.

In contrast, organisms acquire one specific gene or a few genes together through genetic modification, without other traits included and within a single generation. However, this technology too is inherently unpredictable and some scientists believe it can produce potentially dangerous results unless better testing methods are developed.  



Here is also a chart on who produces the most genetically modified foods.

Global Area of Biotech Crops in 2009




Finally there are tons of articles on why GMFs are bad and studies that have shown side effects as well as strange diseases that have come out of it. We need to implement more regulations on these proccesses but not enough people are educated on the matter and this is something the whole world needs to talk about. It’s a serious issue that isn’t talked about enough. Well here is the infographic to add a little more imagery on the subject.

Genetically Modified Foods Good or Bad

Infographic on Genetically Modified Foods presented by Feast Your Eyes! Toronto catering

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