Family Day 2012 Jungle Safari Theme Party


Ever since the official Family Day Holiday came into effect my (Lin’s) family decided that we would have a fun family day theme party.   Each year we decide on the theme for next year’s party.  This year we had a Jungle Safari Theme Party  held at Jessica’s house.  Some of you may know that Jessica, my daughter is the baker at Feast Your Eyes!  So, of course she made a Snake Cake for us!  It was delicious!  Her kids, Nat (18) and Alesha (15) were good sports in their safari shirt and zebra boots!  My son, Neale, his wife Missy and their boys Liam (5) and Blake (3) all got into the act.  We all had a lot of fun, there were lots of fake snakes and it was a really fun day.  Jessica raided our prop shop for decor, but this kind of jungle safari theme party can be done pretty simply with items around the house (we had toy stuffed monkeys, etc. that we borrowed from friends) and lots of dollar store stuff – like the safari hats, water canteens and lanterns.  We kept the food family friendly, fun and simple – chicken fingers with dipping sauces, barbecue ribs, macaroni and cheese and a yummy corn and cream cheese bake.  That recipe came from an email recipe exchange chain and I have to thank Arlene Kotick for that one – it was a buffet winner!  Let me know if you want the recipe and I will send you a copy.  The amazing turtle and aligator breads came courtesy of Paula in our sales department, brought all the way from a specialty bakery in Montreal.  It helps to have connections!

So the theme is chosen for next year…courtesy of Liam and Blake – it’s going to be Robots!!  That should be fun.  Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed your own special family day!  It’s really lovely to have a special day set aside just to spend time with family so take advantage of it in any way that you can!  Here are a few pictures of our family day Jungle Safari theme party.




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