Three Essential Questions To Ask A Toronto Wedding Caterer

In the midst of planning important and pressing matters for your wedding, don’t neglect the food that will be served! Your guests look forward to the drinks and foods being served just as much as they anticipate a beautiful celebration. Hiring a wedding catering company that offers an interesting menu with a variety of delicious foods guests will love is absolutely crucial. 

As you commence your search for catering companies in Toronto, it’s important to inquire and ask specific questions to see if the company is right for you. Check out the three essential questions to ask a wedding catering company below.

1. What Are The Service Charges And What Do They Entail?

You ask this question most likely because you need to estimate how the wedding catering charges will factor into your overall wedding budget. Ensure you ask the wedding caterer for quotes initially, as this will help you decide if the service charges will fit in your budget. Wedding caterers do not exclusively deliver food, they also provide a variety of additional services, including setting up, serving guests food, cleaning up afterward. You should ask exactly what services are included and if you desire additional services, ask if there will be extra fees. 

2. What Catering Styles Do You Offer?

Not all wedding catering styles are the same, as each wedding is unique and the couple may range from completely formal to casual. Therefore, you often have several options to choose from to find something that fits your wedding style. The most popular catering styles include:


  • Plated Dinners: This catering style is the most common and traditional option. Waiters and servers will serve guests each course one by one. 
  • Buffet: A buffet-style is a much more casual selection and gives guests more food options and allows them to serve their own portions and eat when they choose. This eliminates food waste and gives guests more opportunities to choose the foods they enjoy.
  • Family-style: This option is also more casual and has guests pass around certain dishes. It is more ideal for smaller wedding celebrations.
  • Cocktail-style: The most modern catering style of all options, cocktail-style wedding catering serves hors d’oeuvres instead of full course meals.


3. Are There Food Selections For Guests With Dietary Restrictions?

It is highly probable that some of your guests will have specific dietary restrictions or food allergies. Ask prior to hiring the wedding catering company whether they accommodate these dietary preferences and how. Are there meal alternatives that are dairy, meat, gluten or nut-free? 

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