How To Carve a Roast Pig

There’s definitely a bit of a trick to carving a roast pig and unless you do it a lot it’s pretty hard to get practice! If you order a “drop off” roast pig or barbecued piglet you have the option of having it arrived pre-sliced or if you are game you can follow our tips to carve it yourself. You will need a long table with room for a platter to hold the cut pieces so you can work a little ahead of your guests. Remember to keep the side of the piglet facing your guests and the crispy skin on that side intact and untouched as long as possible just like a good carving chef would

Using a sharpened carving knife or wide blade french style knife, remove and carve the shoulder and attached leg facing you. The meat will cut right off the bone. Slice across the grain of the meat. Cut the crispy skin into bit sized pieces.


Remove the back leg of the roast pig and carve the meat.


Next, cut the back meat and pork loins. These sections of meat are very tender and cut into nice serving pieces. The bacon is located right next to the pork loin. This meat will not taste like store-bought bacon unless it is cured.

The next areas to go are the back shoulder meat and the back jowl meat ( just above the shoulder).

Finally, remove the spare ribs from the roast pig. The small pieces of meat located between the ribs are ideal for barbecue.

Turn the roast pig over and carve the second side in the same order.


The roast pig will be cooked to the point that the meat will cut off the bone easily. In fact the best way may be just to pull the meat off the bones ala “pulled pork” when down to the carcass.