Rustic weddings still hot for 2013/14 wedding couples!

The popularity of rustic, antique or country style weddings the past couple of years continues to be a strong theme for weddings in 2013!  Romantic tent, garden and barn weddings with a casual-chic/vibe are still in very high demand by today’s brides.This style of wedding is very down to earth, unpretentious, family and very importantly….guy friendly!


Décor including a combination of natural elements such as fresh garden variety florals, (think daisies and sunflowers) fresh herbs, “antique, rural, country or farm” style touches come together to produce a natural, wholesome feel to the event.

Guest Tree

[pinterest] Incorporating items like bales of straw or hay, split rail fence boards, dried flowers, tree branches, homespun ribbon, mason jars, old milk bottles, lanterns, mis-matched dinnerware, barrels, wooden tables and chintz table linens can set the scene for a charmingly relaxed wedding reception that everyone will enjoy. KRISZAN WEDDING PROFESSIONAL PICS 003

Just picture the little kids comfortable and running free.  The guys loving the “no tux” pressure….ladies dressed up in their pretty sundresses and sandals (no killer heels!!) plus the perfect occasion to wear that fabulous hat!

Wedding menus featuring hearty non-fussy style foods and family style service are perfect for this type of event.  Family style service is where platters of food are delivered by waiters to each banquet style table (8’ rectangular tables seating 8 guests are either set up individually or arranged in long rows with guests seated opposite each side) and guests serve themselves from the communal platters or bowls.Copy of IMG_3538

Don’t expect this style of service to be less expensive, for example, than a plated dinner service.  The tables still have to be set.  The dirty dishes still need to be cleared after each course.  The waiters each will have to make several trips to the table to deliver the platters; conversely, if it was a plated service they would bring two or three individual plates to the table at once.  So the labour required for family style service or plated service is virtually the same.  Also, there is the extra cost for rental of all the platters and bowls required for the family style service which is not incurred in a plated service.

Many rental companies are featuring extra wide “king” tables designed especially for this type of service providing extra space for roomy platters.  Some even carry pretty tureens that really help to carry the theme.  Linens are available in rustic styles including chintz, checks, a burlap look, natural linen and crisp cottons.


If this style of wedding reception is your cup of tea – I want to hear from you!  I have hundreds of ideas and suggestions that will help you to create a unique and fabulous country style wedding that is the epitome of you!

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  1. I’m going with this type of set for my 50s theme wedding. How do you suggest I handle the centerpiece issue?

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