Key Lime Pie Adventure

Well, I’m not much of a baker….I leave that expertise to our talented bakers in the Feast Your Eyes’ baking department.  But my favourite flavour is lime and when I saw amazing little bags of key limes at the market I just had to bring them home and try my hand at an authentic key lime pie!  As most bakers would know, lime juice looks a little more yellow than green when processed so I decided to add a little lime green food colour.  Oops!  It kind of came out looking like avocado lime pie!  At any rate, the husband thought it tasted great!

But that gives me an idea……time to experiment!  Avocado pie?  Maybe not!!

2 thoughts on “Key Lime Pie Adventure

  1. Really to much beautiful

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  2. I’ve only had key lime pie maybe once or twice at a restaurant, but not sure if that was authentic kind.  I’m also not much of a baker and making a pie sounds like a big work.  You did an outstanding job making a beautiful pie!  Ahaha avocado pie?  I’m sure someone tried making it. ;-)

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