The Birth Of An Idea!

It all started with “The Succo”

The thesis, to have the most authentic, old school succo I ever had, a task made simpler by having and Italian Mother in law.  That was in 2012.

Today, we are germinating organic and heirloom seeds for our own hydroponic 1000 square foot greenhouse. Can you feel me!

This is our story.

Over two years ago,  my mother in law, affectionately know as Nonna Maria by her 6 grandchildren, made a statement that goes as follows, “Before  I die, I want you all to know how I make succo di Pomodoro.”  (For those of you non-Italians that means “tomato sauce”)

Here is the backround information you should know.  My name is Ivan Karlovcec and together with my wife Paula D’Uva are the owners of Culinary Artistry group of companies, that include Feast Your Eyes Catering and Event Design Catering, as well as Pig Roast Catering, and now Heritage Hydroponic Greenhouse.


The inspiration, my hero, my brother, Joseph who inspired us all by his courage to believe that everything is possible if you have unwavering faith in whatever you believe in, that you can accomplish anything, if you have the will.   All this while he was fighting for his right to live and waiting on a heart and lung transplant.  On August 6, 2013, in his 45th year, God decided that Joseph did what he was sent to do and it was time for Joseph to rest in eternity.

The Legacy, to be able to acknowledge the efforts of all our parents in providing for us and thank them for their sacrifice by adopting what they have taught us and make it part of our family fabric and to set the example for our children as our parents did for us.

The mission, bringing the freshest and most natural food possible to the dining table for our families and yours.


All this because of “Succo di Pomodorro”    Stay tuned!

Written by:  Ivan Karlovcec, C.O.O.


A Culinary Artistry Company